Hi, I'm Karen!

I started My Beautopia after a few years of reading other beauty blogs and just wanting to have my say too. Frankly my husband is not as keen to discuss the merits of a MAC lipstick but that is where you guys come in.

I am partial to a lipstick or two and love to try new make up releases of all guises. I have a huge soft spot for MAC products and post a review of one of my MAC crushes in my weekly MAC Monday series (join in if you like!).

I am 30 something, have two small children, far too much make up for one person and once upon a time worked in Marketing. Clearly, we all have more important things in our lives than make up - but its more fun to chat beauty isn't it (don't worry no children / pets / quinoa posts here!).

All of the products I review have been purchased with my own rapidly disappearing cash, unless I specifically state otherwise. Some of my links are affiliate links but of course all reviews are true to my honest opinions.

Thank you for stopping by!

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