Monday, 3 February 2014

MAC Monday: Huggable Lipcolour in Out For Passion

MAC Huggable Lipcolour in Out For Passion
I couldn't help it! I had to buy another one! You may've seen my MAC Monday post a few weeks ago about MAC's Huggable Lipcolour in Fresh & Frisky (HERE) and I have been loving it so much I wanted to try some other colours.

The Huggable Lipcolour is a shiny balm but it has more of a gel feel on the lips. It is not sticky, colour is not fully opaque but can be built up and it is really moisturising. At this time of year my lips are dry and I have struggled with some of my matte lipsticks but as the name suggests, these really do hug my lips and feel quite soothing.

MAC claim the colour lasts up to 6 hours. I don't think this is true, but the colour and shine does last longer than other creamy lipsticks by MAC. As the colour fades it does so evenly and leaves a slight shine behind. The nicest thing is that as the colour fades the balm feeling stays on your lips so you don't feel completely 'naked' between top ups!

The Huggable Lipcolours were released a few weeks ago and are only a limited edition collection. Most of the colours have annoyingly but predictably already sold out! My favourite is Fresh & Frisky which was my first purchase - remarkably this is one of the few colours still left in stock! It is a natural peach colour which is subtle but brightens your face and is perfect for spring / summer.

When I decided to give in to the urge and buy another one, I wanted to buy a pink one. Yes, I know - Pink! If you read my post about my fear of pink lips and the search for the perfect pink pout (HERE) you will know this is an unusual choice for me. But I was so drawn to the natural pink in the Huggable Lipcolour advertising image above that I HAD to try it.

It turns out that the soft pink colour is called What A Feeling and is completely sold out everywhere... Perhaps some MAC counters may have some in store but unless this comes back as a permanent collection I will have to miss out. Having looked at images online it is a cool blue toned pink, so perhaps it wouldn't be my kind of colour in real life. It just looks so incredible in that photo!

Whilst looking at swatches online I became really drawn to rosy pink called Out For Passion. Again it was hard to track down as it was sold out everywhere, but eventually I found online at Selfridges HERE (I had to pay £4.95 delivery mind you but I decided it was worth it...).

MAC Huggable Lipcolour in Out For Passion

Out For Passion is a lovely soft warm slightly coral tinged deeper pink colour. It looks brighter on me than I thought it would (I did mention my fear of pink lips!), but it is natural enough for everyday wear. There are some much brighter colours in the collection if you are braver with bold lips than I am. If I had known that I would like the formula so much when they first came out I would've snapped them all up!

MAC Huggable Lipcolour L-R Out For Passion and Fresh and Frisky

MAC Huggable Lipcolour L-R Out For Passion, Fresh & Frisky

I am surprised that they have received mixed reviews, but I think some people prefer a bold matte lip and find these a waste of time. Personally I love the gel feel (like the YSL Glossy Stains feel once they have 'set') and I love balm crayons, but I hate when colours just don't last. So these work well for me!

I also love the sleek metal packaging and the feel of the lipstick as you apply it (it is quite solid rather than slipping all over the place).

I can only hope that MAC decide to introduce these into their permanent line as I have a feeling that these might be one of the first lipsticks that I actually finish! In the meantime I might have just possibly sneaked the nude shade Touche into a recent Debenhams order I made...... (I will keep you posted how that one works out!).

If you want one then hurry as stocks are pretty low - MAC Huggable Lipcolours are available at:

  • Debenhams (only Fresh & Frisky, Touche and Fashion Force): HERE 
  • House of Fraser (only Fresh & Frisky): HERE 
  • MAC (only Fresh & Frisky, Fashion Force & Red Necessity): HERE
  • and if you don't mind the expensive delivery charge - Selfridges HERE.

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Have you tried MAC's Huggable Lipcolours? These are definitely my favourite MAC products at the moment, but come on inspire me (or should I say enable me....) - what are your favourites?


  1. I definitely like the Out For Passion one, the colour is lovely. I always find Mac a little pricey for me, and the stores are usually soooo busy!!

    1. Yes they can be busy. I buy a lot of my MAC stuff online after lots of swatch research!