Monday, 16 June 2014

MAC Monday: Sharon Osbourne Collection pt 1 - Duchess Eye Shadow Quad

MAC Sharon Osbourne Collection Duchess Eye Shadow Quad

Aside from my well documented MAC obsession, I was really excited when I first saw details about the MAC Osbournes collection. This wasn't because I hold any particular fascination with Sharon or Kelly Osbourne, but because I thought the Sharon Osbourne collection looked really amazing. Quite often in a MAC collection there are one or two stand out items, but this time I wanted nearly everything!

MAC Sharon Osbourne Collection Duchess Eye Shadow Quad

Having a habit of waiting to see swatches online before taking the plunge I often miss the boat. This time I already knew exactly what I wanted by the time the collection released online. I even continually scoured the internet for a couple of days waiting for the moment that the products appeared online. The big UK launch was in Selfridges last week and the collections were available on their website exclusively for the first day. I always resist buying online from Selfridges as I hate paying the huge delivery charge and I don't live close enough to click and collect. Luckily Debenhams sprang to my rescue the next afternoon and I immediately ordered my selection. Thank God I did! By that evening some of the products were already out of stock.

MAC Sharon Osbourne Collection

One of the first items that caught my eye was the Sharon Osbourne Duchess Eye Shadow Quad. The Sharon Osbourne collection is packaged in red plastic casing with a lilac signature on it. The eye shadows are lovely warm browns and neutral - right up my street! Now obviously after buying the amazing MAC Warm Neutral Palette a couple of months ago (see my review and swatches HERE) I hardly 'need' more neutral shadows. Obviously I couldn't help the temptation and bought it anyway. I suppose I could justify it as this quad is smaller than my 15 shade Warm Neutral Palette and so much easier for travel...

MAC Sharon Osbourne Collection Duchess Eye Shadow Quad
Top-Bottom, L-R: Sweet Eyes, Sexy Eyes, Femme Fatale, Embark

The Duchess Eye Shadow Quad has 4 different shades; Sweet Eyes (velux pearl - pale oyster pink highlight colour), Sexy Eyes (veluxe pearl, rose gold colour), Femme Fatale (satin, bronze gold) and Embark (matte, cool toned dark brown). All of these are limited edition except for Embark which is available in the permanent collection. I have toyed with the idea of buying a matte dark brown for some time, but I always get seduced by something more sparkly and exciting. So I am pleased that I finally have this kind of MAC shadow in my possession. The range of colours in the palette gives a great selection to create different looks.

MAC Sharon Osbourne Collection Duchess Eye Shadow Quad swatches
MAC Duchess Eye Shadow Quad swatches L-R: Sweet Eyes, Sexy Eyes, Femme Fatale, Embark

Out of curiosity I did swatch these shadows against my other MAC shadows and I was pleased to see that they do offer something slightly different to the ones I already have. Sexy Eyes is probably my favourite, and whilst similar to Ginger Snap from the Warm Neutral Palette, it has enough of a brown tone to make it different (and therefore worthwhile buying! - Phew!).

The Duchess Eye Shadow Quad from the MAC Sharon Osbourne Collection is £33. I think it is out of stock online now but the some of the collection is HERE and HERE if you hurry!

Make sure you swing by next week to see what else I bought from the Sharon Osbourne Collection, and check out my other MAC Monday posts HERE.

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