Friday, 6 December 2013

Christmas Nails

There is something about the approach of Christmas that makes me want to smother my nails with glitter until they look like something suitable to decorate the tree. But I think there is no time for subtlety until New Year's Eve is just a memory.

Thankfully at this time of year the shops stock up on glittery supplies to fuel my fire. (In turn I also stock up on remover - glitter is hell to remove.)

This year the sparkle of choice has been Essie's Set in Stones. Described on their website as 'Disco Mirror Ball Chaos' what is not to love?

It is a clear varnish with silver glitter of different sizes, from small flecks to 1mm diameter hexagons.I like how your nails have the effect of tiny paint splats all over them. You can also layer it up to create a full on glitter bauble effect.

In its first outing I created the nude nail with sparkle tips - which other bloggers are hyping as the look of the season. To do this I used 3 layers of a sheer pink nude - Bourjois So Laque in the shade Rose Lounge. One coat of Essie Set in Stones on the top third of the nail. Then two minutes later a coat of the wonderful Sally Hanson Insta-Dry - touch dry in 30 seconds, a life saver for preventing scuffs and smears.

Despite the chunky glitter in the Essie Polish it still feels smooth to the touch, perhaps helped by the Insta-Dry topcoat. A real pet hate of mine is glitter polish that feels gritty or too textured.

For my second effort I was feeling bold, so this time I layered the glitter over the top of a bright red - Rimmel Double Decker Red. (I have 3 bottles of this polish now thanks to an enticing Rimmel 3 for 2 currently running in Boots.)

It certainly is bold! Mind you it's the kids' Christmas Fair tonight, so it could shock a few of the more conservative mums - or if I bottle it I can pretend it is Christmas fancy dress...

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