Monday, 30 December 2013

MAC Monday: Brick-O-La Lipstick

It's MAC Monday time again! I have so many great things to choose from lurking in my stash, so I have enjoyed choosing this week's little gem. Last week I chose the Divine Night Fluidline in Deliciously Rich (see here) and this week's offering is also one of my most recent purchases. It is: MAC Brick-O-La Lipstick.

MAC Brick-O-La Lipstick

I was swatching my way round the MAC store looking for the typical winter plum colour when I spotted this. I am fair skinned and I find that colours look far louder and darker on me than they seem to on others. I had done the usual Googling for some plum lipstick suggestions so I already had a shortlist in mind. Rebel was too dark on me, I already have Plumful (which is more pinky/purple) and Craving was a little too pink (although I may revisit that on my next MAC visit...).

Then I found Brick-O-La! It is more on the red and brown scale which is far more within my comfort zone but it does have a hint of pink. I already have Mocha which is a firm favourite which is more of a peachy brown, but Brick-O-La has just the right hint of pink to put it in the berry/plum category.

I seem to avoid blue toned lipsticks - given my colouring I don't know why I can't pull them off and God knows I'd enjoy the teeth-whitening effect. But a Barbie pink lip is my idea of hell. Plumful is almost a little too pink/purple for me but Brick-O-La is the perfect winter berry colour I was searching for.

Brick-O-La is one of MAC's amplified finish lipsticks. If you aren't familiar with all of the different finishes, the amplified finish is creamy and shiny but with an intense opaque colour. You can of course soften the look if you blot or smudge it on, but they are great to create a bold colour as they are really pigmented. One coat is really enough for full colour. They last pretty well too without being drying on the lips. This is perfect for me as I hate to reapply constantly throughout the day and besides I prefer to keep my MAC treasures safely in the drawer not bashing around the bottom of a handbag.

I love the black bullet shape and the outer cardboard packaging that MAC lipsticks have. I will admit I do keep them in the boxes as I like to stash them vertically in a drawer so I can read all of the names.... (I know!). It does of course also have that familiar MAC vanilla smell which I really like too, although it is quite subtle and has no taste to it. Some brands really ruin a great lip product with a really pungent smell or taste - MAC is not one of them thankfully.

MAC Brick-O-La Lipstick

On the lips it is bold enough for night time but also a colour that you can pull off in the day. For those of you with darker skin tones this is a great warm colour too and would just look quite natural.

What are your favourite MAC lipsticks? If you would like to join me in a little MAC Monday lovefest each week, then send me your links and I can include the links here.

You can get hold of MAC Brick-O-La for £15 with free delivery (for Beauty Card members) here.

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  1. Brick-o-la is such an underrated lipstick. I have never heard of it before i picked it up at my local MAC. I reach for it all the time! It's a beautiful red without being too much maintenance. It's really nice mixed with a nude lipgloss on top.