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MAC Monday: Huggable Lipcolour in Fresh and Frisky

MAC have released a lot of limited edition collections recently, normally I let them pass me by. But there have been 3 releases in the past month or two that have really got me excited. The first was the Divine Night Collection, but I was late to the party on that one and missed out on the Private Party berry toned lipstick. However I did snap up the Fluidline in Deliciously Rich - a pretty, dirty-bronze gel eyeliner that is best used as a cream shadow (see my MAC Monday post about that HERE). Amazingly, given recent experience this is still available HERE.

Then came the Magnetic Nudes Collection - I read about this weeks ago but only yesterday decided I really needed a beautiful lipstick called Sensual Sparks and it is SOLD OUT EVERYWHERE. Gutted. It was an great brown nude gold tones. Swatch photos online looked amazing. I still live in hope I may track this down to a counter somewhere... The collection was only released a few days ago and seemingly sold out immediately online. My nearest MAC counter is 40 miles away (I know!) so it really would be an act of desperation for me to travel that far specifically for a lipstick. Mind you, it wouldn't be the first time.

So this time having learned my lesson I decided to pounce on MAC's Huggable Lipcolours as soon as I had chosen the shade I liked. The Huggable Lipcolours come in 12 different shades and claim to cling to your lips for up to 6 hours. I found a great Allura video on YouTube that live swatched all of the shades (see below or click HERE if the video doesn't show on your device). Having watched this a few times I decided that I would like try an every day nude type colour and was torn between Touche a pale beige colour and Fresh and Frisky - a neutral peach.  I thought that Touche may be too pale for me as I struggle with really pale nudes, so I chose Fresh and Frisky as thinking ahead a little I think it will be really pretty for Spring.

I hate to buy a lipstick which I have never seen in the flesh, it is a huge gamble especially when they are at a premium price. This is actually how I started getting interested in beauty blogs a couple of years ago - looking at the real-life swatches online really helps me to judge whether the shade will suit me.

I know I've said it before, but when I buy make up online I often try Debenhams as I like to use my Beauty Club Card to collect points to turn into discounts. Sometimes there are bonus point offers and you also get free delivery codes (see HERE for Beauty Club info). They have also finally improved it so you can also redeem points online, because it was a HUGE pain the rear before.

But Debenhams failed me at the time and had none of the Huggable Lipcolours online at all (they do now have some HERE). So next port of call was House of Fraser, who luckily had some in stock (see HERE). The MAC website also had some in stock too, but delivery was almost £4 unless you spend over £30 (which I wasn't), where as I can click and collect for free from House of Fraser. It did mean I had to venture out in the January rain but it was worth it to get my package just 24 hours later and all in time for MAC Monday!

MAC Huggable Lipcolour in Fresh and Frisky

First impressions were good. The lipstick comes in a metal tube rather than the standard MAC black plastic bullet. I like the feel of the metal tube and it is a really attractive iridescent silvery purple. This and the satisfying click when you push the top on makes the product feel a bit more 'premium'. It also has the trademark MAC vanilla scent. From the first swatch the texture was soft, glossy and moisturising although the colour seemed quite sheer compared to what I was expecting.

MAC Huggable Lipcolour in Fresh and Frisky

On the lips the coverage wasn't fully opaque but it certainly gave a good colour. Fresh and Frisky was exactly the shade I hoped it would be (thank God for those online swatches!) and is a pretty but very wearable daytime peachy nude. The formula feels moisturising and sets to a sort of balm or gel and has a glossy appearance. It doesn't feel like its going to slide all over your face and doesn't come off as soon as you have a drink like some balms. The wear time is a few hours (although more if you don't eat or drink). This is better than I expected and longer than my other MAC lipsticks, except perhaps for the mattes. The glossy feeling even lasted after a meal which is pretty good. Perhaps the darker shades have even better lasting power?

This shade Fresh and Frisky is quite similar to MAC's Shy Girl lipstick although the Huggable Lipcolour formula is much glossier.

I own two other peachy MAC lipsticks so I swatched them together to compare them. Fresh and Frisky is the peachier of the three although the formula gives more of a sheer colour so it doesn't appear as bright on the lips, although you can layer it up. In comparison Freckletone is more brown and Shy Girl is less pink.

I really like MAC's Huggable Lipcolours although I have no idea why they are only a limited edition collection. The formula does seem to cling to your lips more than MAC's regular lipsticks but without being drying. In fact it reminds of the amazing YSL Glossy Stains once they have set on your lips.

Having tried Fresh and Frisky and been really impressed I would like to try one of the brighter colours. As the formula has a sheer but lasting quality, the brighter colours would be easier to wear than a full on matte opaque colour.

These are selling really fast so don't make my mistake - if you want one, get it fast! They cost £17.50 and you can get hold of them HERE or there are now more colours HERE.

**UPDATE: Since writing this post I have also succumbed to another shade - the beautiful Out For Passion. Take a peak HERE.**

Have you tried the Huggable Lipcolours? Send me your links or recommendations for other colours! Don't forget to join in #MAC Monday - tweet or email me and I will link to your posts!

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