Saturday, 24 May 2014

Summer nails: OPI Where did Suzi's Man-Go?

OPI Where did Suzi's Man-Go? nail polish swatch
OPI: Where did Suzi's Man-Go?

I was lucky enough to be invited to a special charity nails event the other night. A friend is fund raising for charity and hosted a wine and nails evening - I didn't have to be asked twice! It was a real treat for me to have my nails done professionally and for once I have immaculately applied nail polish.

I had the choice of the full range of OPI polishes and being some what spoiled for choice I decided to go bright! The colour I plumped for was called Where did Suzi's Man-Go from OPI's Brazil collection. Where did Suzi's Man-Go is a bright light orange/mango (get it?!) colour which is perfect for summer.

OPI Brazil Nail Lacquer - Where Did Suzi's Man-Go?

The nail technician showed me that she had it on her toe nails and it looked amazing, and despite the distinct lack of summery weather at the moment I wanted it on my nails too. It needed two coats to be fully opaque and not patchy and I love how bright it is!

The bright colour has been cheering me up in the past few drizzly days and I know that it would be a perfect shade for sunny summer days too.

What are your favourite nail polish shades for summer?

OPI's Where did Suzi's Man-Go? is £11.95 with free delivery from Look Fantastic HERE.

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